RANKED: Ulta Employees Can’t Live Without These 5 Frizz Fighters

Whether you want sleek strands or defined curls, these hair smoothing products can give you the glossy hair of your dreams for under $40!

Written by Dr. Katie B.

Ulta Employees Share Their Personal Picks for the Best Hair Smoothing Products

We’ve all been there: ready to start the night with a sleek, smooth style, only to spend the whole evening battling flyaways, frizz, and curls reverting back to their natural state. While the haircare industry has been around for decades, it’s always struggled to truly tame stubborn strands.

However, there’s a new generation in haircare.

Modern hair smoothing formulations have evolved to become stronger, smarter, and more advanced, keeping hair frizz-free for 24, 48, and even 72 hours! With so many options available, it can be challenging to discern the true gems from the duds. To set you up for a gorgeous blowout season, we’ve done the research for you. We consulted four tenured Ulta employees in sunny South Florida to bring you their top picks for beating frizz and maintaining smooth, glossy hair, even in the humidity capital of the world.

1. IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Spray

There’s a reason they call this spray “keratin in a can.” The revolutionary formula is fortified with innovative bonding polymers that mimic the effects of a salon-grade treatment — without any of the harsh chemicals. But it doesn’t stop there. This superhero spray acts as your hair’s guardian, shielding it from 450°F heat and harsh UV rays. The result? A perfect must-have for the upcoming blowout season, as attested by one Ulta employee who declares, “My at-home styles have never looked sleeker than when I use this spray.”


  • 24-hour frizz control
  • Heat protection
  • Nourishing spirulina protein for the softest results


  • Must be activated by heat tools

2. IGK Good Behavior Shampoo & Conditioner

While most hair smoothing products focus on taming frizz during the styling process, this duo starts where frizz begins: in the shower. “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” a 10-year beauty vet told us. “It uniquely creates a frizz-blocking barrier that doesn’t even give frizz the chance to form. I feel like it’s the future of haircare.” The oil-rich formula claims to make hair 5X smoother after just one wash, making it a standout choice for frizz-prone, coily, and thick hair textures.


  • 5X smoother instantly
  • Intense nourishment
  • Clinically proven


  • May be too heavy for fine hair

3. Briogeo Curl Charisma

For the naturally curly girls hoping for smooth, defined curls, look no further than Briogeo Curl Charisma. The beauty of this cream is that it gives you defined, frizz-free curls while keeping hair soft and bouncy. Plus, it’s made with 94% naturally derived ingredients like rice aminos which block out humidity for frizz-free results. When asked why she recommends this product to Ulta shoppers, one employee told us, “It’s just the kind of product I wish someone had given me back in high school to embrace my natural curls…”


  • 94% natural ingredients
  • No crunchiness
  • Keeps curls soft


  • Not as effective on tight coils
  • Small bottle

4. Color Wow Dream Coat

If you’re on HairTok, you’ve probably heard of Color Wow’s Dream Coat. This hair smoothing spray is like a magic wand for your hair, waterproofing it for smoothing effects that last through 3-4 washes. After heat activation, you’ll be left with super glossy, ultra-smooth strands.  What’s even better is that Color Wow offers three varieties of this popular product tailored to different hair types: the original for straight to wavy hair, extra strength for curly and coily textures, and a special formula for defining natural curls without heat. 


  • Results last 3+ washes
  • Glass-like results
  • Formulas for all hair types


  • Requires a lot of product
  • Must be activated with heat
  • Can be drying

5. IGK Crybaby Anti-Frizz Serum

Every smoothing routine deserves a finishing touch, and that’s where Crybaby Anti-Frizz Serum steps in. This unique serum-in-oil formula not only adds a brilliant shine and softness to your hair but also offers 72-hour frizz control. One Ulta employee aptly describes it as, “a face serum for your hair.” Unlike most oils, Crybaby is inspired by skincare technology, allowing it to absorb into strands for a smooth, weightless finish. And to top it off, it earned the coveted cosign from the 2022 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards.


  • 72-hour frizz control
  • Lightweight formula
  • Non-greasy finish
  • Coconut-oil infused


  • Can be difficult to dispense


I’ve used this product twice so far and am quite happy with the results. I live in a humid climate and it definitely helps manage the frizz.

– Kerry F. –

I was having major issues with frizz- this was my solution. Don’t pay attention to the scent complaints. Scent is not overwhelming at all.

– Betty S. –

This stuff is amazing! My coarse hair is like silk! It does have a wickedness to it. Like you need extra ventilation when you spray it. But I say whatever the wickedness is, it’s insanely good!

– Lisa K. –

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