RANKED: Is This Top-Selling Ulta Brand Better Than Olaplex?

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Written by Dr. Katie B.

We’ve all felt the heartache of damaged hair — you may even be dealing with it right now. Whether you’ve gone wild with hair color, flat ironed one too many times, or are stuck with hard water, your hair is probably feeling dry, fragile, and downright stubborn. Styling damaged hair is a constant battle, with frizz and dullness as your main challengers.

But hold off on reaching for the scissors because we’ve got a new revolutionary solution you need to know about.

You’ve probably heard of products that promise to rescue your hair from the brink of despair, and maybe some of them even showed promise for a while. Take Olaplex, for instance, a champion in hair repair since 2014. But according to a class action lawsuit, the once “holy grail” product is actually leaving some users high and dry (literally).

Lucky for you, we’ve found a trusted replacement, courtesy of celebrity hair stylists, and it’s waiting for you at your local Ulta: IGK Instant Repair Line. Shop it here!

This collection is powered by a first-of-its-kind biomimetic bond-building technology, a.k.a. a protein building block. This game-changing ingredient repairs and reseals damaged ends almost instantly, giving you back the shine, smoothness, and healthy hair vibes you’ve been missing. Each formula is also packed with nourishing ingredients, like baobab and amla oils, the ultimate hydration heroes for your thirsty strands.

Benefits of IGK Instant Repair Line: Damaged Hair’s New BFF

This restorative product line is all about transforming your fragile, overprocessed hair into healthier, gorgeous-looking strands. Acting like a vigilant protector, the formulas offer clinical breakage protection to prevent any further damage. And for those strands plagued by roughness and dryness, IGK’s repair care quickly provides touchable softness.

The brand claims that regular use can make hair:

  • 11X softer hair
  • Unbelievably shinier
  • Smoother (goodbye frizz!)
  • More hydrated
  • Stronger over time

And guess what? IGK’s got you covered from start to finish, with everything you need to care for those damaged locks, from shampoo to styling. Here’s how we recommend using the line for best results:

Step 1: Antisocial Dry Hair Mask

Hair masks are your hair’s best friend on the road to recovery, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the luxury of slathering on thick creams, and then waiting around to rinse it out. IGK gets it. That’s why their Antisocial Dry Hair Mask packs all the nourishing, reparative goodness of a traditional mask into a convenient spray. What’s even more impressive is its time-release bond-building technology that strengthens hair from the inside out. Even better, it doesn’t need to be rinsed out!

You might think it’s just for overnight use, like a silk pillowcase for your hair. But guess what? It also doubles as a finishing spray, giving your hair an extra boost of softness and shine after styling. This no-mess hair mask is a round-the-clock essential for hair repair. No wonder it’s the #1 pick in IGK’s salons in Miami, NYC, and LA.

Note: Because this is a no-rinse hair mask, it can be left in and even reapplied until your next shampoo!

Step 2: Pay Day Shampoo

Every good repair routine starts with a solid shampoo. Pay Day Instant Repair Shampoo is the perfect choice for fragile hair because it’s gentle. Unlike some formulas that strip your hair of its natural oils, this one infuses thirsty strands with powerful, yet lightweight oils it so desperately needs.

Step 3: Pay Day Conditioner

When it comes to repairing damage, moisture and nourishment are key. That’s where Pay Day Instant Repair Conditioner steps in. It picks up where the shampoo leaves off, deeply moisturizing and detangling your hair with the help of baobab and amla oils. These are not to be outshined by the vegan silk extract. This smoothing ingredient forms a physical yet breathable protective barrier, strengthening your hair against further breakage.

Step 4: Cash In Instant Hair Repair Serum

Cash In is an exceptional addition to this hair repair lineup. Of course, it controls frizz and adds shine, as any good serum should. But what sets it apart are the clinical stats: an impressive 88% split end sealing power and hair that’s 11X softer. It also protects during heat styling with 450°F heat protection. Whether you’re applying it on damp hair before styling or using it to smooth, soften, and seal split ends on dry hair, Cash In is your go-to for that finishing touch.

The entire line is readily accessible at your nearest Ulta, and you can also find it on Amazon. However, for savvy shoppers looking to maximize savings, we strongly recommend subscribing to your favorite IGK products on their official website, where you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on every shipment! After trying the Antisocial spray for ourselves, we know you’ll never want to be without this haircare miracle.


Antisocial is just what my hair needed! My hair feels silky smooth but it smells great! I’m hooked for life!

– Cassandra P. –

I like the cash in repair serum. I had very damaged hair and saw a great difference after using this product consistently for 2 weeks. Thanks for making a great product

– Serena P. –

Love all IGK products but Pay Day has helped my hair tremendously! My hair was severely damaged from using products (from a comparable company) that weren’t doing their job. Beyond grateful for my friend/brow artist who introduced me to IGK products!

– Lisa K. –

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